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So you are asking yourself why K2J3? It's simple, to honor the most important people in my life. First my loving wife Kim, that's K number one and I make K number two.

Next you have J3. J to the third stands for three of the coolest boys in the world, Jacob J1, Joshua J2, and Joseph J3. When you put that all together you get K2J3. I know it's a bit hokey, but it reminds me of them each time I think about it and they are all I've got in this world.

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Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.
--Henry David Thoreau

29 JUN 2017

Time Flies By

Posted on 6/29/2017

So time seriously flies by. In just a few short days #1 will be officially getting married. While this will be a private thing with his bride to be and a pastor from the University it's a monumental moment. Two other weddings will follow in short succession, one across the pond and one here.

The next few weeks will be a hurrica More...

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